Strata Manage IT introduces revolutionary new database technology that allows your scheme to have its own website.

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Take control of your scheme

Our complete strata management solution is an interactive service that is instant, transparent and compliant. By providing 100% access to your books and records, Strata Manage IT give you control. This is how we make strata living easy.

Interact with your scheme via a proactive calendar that keeps you up to date on your meetings, tasks and messages.
All you need to know about your insurance, assets, suppliers, and committee contact details.
Schedule, track and record the progress and costs of your repairs anytime.

What Do We Do?

Award Winning Strata Manage IT offers:

Your privacy assured

While several documents are available to all owners, personal information is privately maintained in keeping with legislation.

Worldwide access

Investors living away from the building and owners who live onsite can access all their information on the device of their choice.

Available 24/7

Auto email alerts are generated to advise of a new document, approval required, work orders generated and so much more – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scheme website

Individual, private and secure - so you know what is happening. 24/7 access to your books and records through a live system our managers use.

Expert advice

Even the most experienced owners and committee members face unique and intricate problems. Our expert knowledge means you’re covered with changes in legislation, compliance and living situations.

Clients everywhere

Complaint in NSW, QLD and VIC, we have thousands of clients serviced by experienced, local agents. We can service your building anywhere.

And so much more!

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Who we are....

Award winning real estate IT developer Murray Cameron has developed Strata Manage IT as a comprehensive, interactive system to provide private scheme websites to all strata / body corporate owners.

Utilising the latest database technology, Strata Manage IT provides delivery of strata management services online and is available to all of the lot owners in QLD, VIC and NSW.

Strata Manage IT is designed to empower owners, and managers.

Commissioned by one of the founding Strata Management companies in NSW, this REVOLUTIONARY system now leads the industry in technology development. Since the 1950's strata companies have delivered their 'service' while giving almost no access to the clients books and records - all that has now changed.

Mr Cameron is quietly confident about the changes the launch of this strata management website system will bring to the industry.

“The operational efficiency delivered by Strata Manage IT will mean cost savings for lot owners - many costs will simply be eradicated through online streamlining.

We see no reason that the old system of strata managers charging for services that the owners do themselves should continue - now you get to choose the level of service you need and only pay for that service - saving you money.

Ultimately, Strata Manage IT will clarify the processes of strata management for lot owners, allowing them control - and - the power to manage their scheme.”

What we do....

The schemes private website can be created overnight by the team at Strata Manage IT. The strata plan, by-laws and public information are also loaded - ready to be access. On requesting an account, scheme uses are verified and linked to the scheme, allowing them access to their schemes books and records giving them the ability to interact in the management of their scheme.

Strata Manage IT operates pro-actively, by generating system prompts to the owners and Committee when tasks such as insurance renewals are due or quotes / invoices are ready for approval. Repairs and Maintenance are Schedule, track and record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you won't have to wait till office hours for an answer or an update.

In terms of accessibility and transparency, Strata Manage IT is the equivalent of "online banking" for the strata industry.

The system, which is an industry first, will deliver reduced monthly costs to the growing number strata property owners by enabling them to monitor and action matters instantly online, rather than having to schedule costly and time consuming meetings to vote on various issues. The website will empower the owner to schedule, track and record all events and cases connected to their scheme online in real time.

Online meetings, online voting on issues, quote and invoice approval online, 24/7 tracking of all aspects of repair and maintenance cases - users will be able to do everything they need to do to manage their scheme successfully and ensure its financial viability into the future.

Why we are different....

Client web portals are not unique in the industry, but NONE have provided a completely interactive online solution that delivers time and cost savings through greater operational efficiency and transparency, until Strata Manage IT. This system is unique.

We know what things are difficult about Strata Living.

  • Knowing what the responsibilities are
  • Keeping up with legal changes and obligations
  • Getting people to take an interest in the business of running a scheme
  • Keeping the paperwork straight
  • Getting things to happen quickly
  • Coping with the red tape involved

We know what are your key issues.

  • Keeping costs down.
  • Being able to track who is doing what, where and when
  • Knowing what is expected from them, and when.
  • Having the tools and information to easily accessible.

Fast and secure web-based strata management is the answer.

Strata Manage IT solves all the issues and provides the solutions that SAVE YOU MONEY and TIME.

This is the most advanced scheme management system available. Now owners can have the 'power to manage' their scheme backed by the knowledge and support of the team.

Strata Manage IT is the industries best practice 'Process and Methodology' on-line via a revolutionary interactive system.

Strata Manage IT is underpinned by the relevant Strata or Body Corporate Act in each state.


Strata Manage IT is …..

Real Estate Industry Award Winning IT Developer Yes
A client web site to allow complete delivery of strata services Yes
Industry BEST process + methodology online Yes
Interactive Yes
Schedule, tracked and records interactions Yes
Auto system task prompts when your interaction is required Yes
Insurance – the ability to manage quotes, claims and renewals Yes
Transparency Yes
Secure Yes
Certificated – Bank level security Yes
Process and methodology blueprint online Yes
Private Scheme website Yes
Secure member access Yes
Accessible for all owners Yes
Comprehensive Yes
Latest Database technology Yes
Automated system alerts when your interaction is required Yes
Instant Access Yes
Provides – faster, cheaper, more efficient Yes
Scheme information (scheme management online) Yes
Legislation based online help Yes
Online financial management Yes
Revolutionary Yes
Direct access to 1000’s of local reputable compliant trades people Yes
Ability to access your schemes plans, documents and by-laws Yes
Responsive Yes
Transparent Yes
Legally compliant Yes

No more waiting for responses to your strata issues, no more management surprises.

The most advanced strata scheme management system is here. A faster, cheaper more efficient future is possible for strata living.

All you need to do is log on to your secure private scheme website, today.

What our clients say....

We thank the following users for their comments:

“just had a good look around the website including the ‘financial’ section – mate it’s very impressive, user friendly, and most of all useful from my perspective anyway.”

“it is a great idea to get all this stuff online.”

“All jobs are comprehensively tracked and recorded via the latest data-base technology, making the status of all works being carried out on our property easily accessible for the owners.”

“The new website service is favourable because of people’s absence, for instance when they move one can access records and you’re not flying blind.”

“This is a great tool – so much information. I can see all the info related to the EGM you are organizing” – Note – this is a user living in Hong Kong!

What we charge....

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